Reckless is serif text font family with renaissance (old-style) look and with a really raised x-height. It has been designed during internship at London University of Arts. Where I could study sources of serif renaissance fonts on UAL Saint Martins Library and Monotype Library. I also tried add some strict and cold alternates (see alternative "a, g, r, t, y"). That was in same time I fall in love in Paul Renner's first sketch of Futura (see Hellix font).

Reckless is mainly inspirated by Plantin, Plantin Infant (about 1700 Robert Granjon, 1913 Frank Hinman Pierpont), all versions of Times, Times New Roman (1904 William Starling Burgess, 1931–1974 Stanley Morison, Victor Lardent) and all versions of Caslon (1722 William Calson).


Reckless Alt is version combing serif and sans-serif principle. Someone can say it is Reckless without serifs. Reckless Fine is display version with higher contrast. Italics and mentioned versions will be realised soon.

5 weights
First Sketch: 9/2012, First Kick: 2/2017, Released: 7/2017



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229 € Family

45 € Light
45 € Regular
45 € Medium
45 € SemiBold
45 € Bold

Family (5 weights, No Italics)
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Martin Vácha is a graphic designer who mainly focuses on graphics, typography, type design, art-direction, editorials, book & magazine design, logo creation & visual identity. He admires simplicity, strong ideas & heavy typography.

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This type-foundry started as a final MA project (June 2014). The first five font sketches were created whilst studying at UMPRUM in Prague. Martin Vácha has focused on font sketching continually since 2008. His experience began during his first year of studies for the project Terrain magazine for which he modified Helvetica Textbook. Like all designers he was excited about the idea to create unique fonts for specific projects, so he has continued with this obsession until now.

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