Matter Heavy

Matter SQ Heavy

Matter Bold

Matter SQ Heavy

Inspiration: font Unica77 (Cornel Windlin, Schauspielhaus Zürich Identity 2009–2010)

Inspiration: font NYCTA Standard, Akzidenz-Grotesk
(New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual)

Inspiration: font Avenir (Girl Scouts of the USA)

Matter poster A3 (front & back)

Nowadays we have many sans-serif fonts but designers are continually looking for new ones. They still expect new shapes of classical forms, new details and a new, general overall look. One could say this doesn’t matter but it does. From this starting point comes Matter. It was drawn for the first time in June 2015 and has since been used for many projects. It is a grotesk typeface with a subtle, warm touch. This is caused by lively forms and diagonal terminals. The vertical terminals still have some angle even when it seems there is not.


Matter drew on the following for inspiration; Akzidenz-Grotesk (1896 Berthold Type Foundry), Theinhardt (2009 François Rappo), Classic Grotesque (1926 Frank Hinman Pierpont), Neuzeit Grotesk (1928 Wilhelm Pischner), Helvetica (1957 Max Miedinger & Eduard Hoffmann), Unica (Team '77, Lineto), Plain (2013 François Rappo), Futura (1927 Paul Renner) and Avenir (1988 Adrian Frutiger). A mix of these influences and many more can be found here. Matter SQ (Square) is same family with square dots.


6 weights, 12 styles
First Sketch: 6/2015, First Kick: 11/2016, Released: 1/2017



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Martin Vácha is a graphic designer who mainly focuses on graphics, typography, type design, art-direction, editorials, book & magazine design, logo creation & visual identity. He admires simplicity, strong ideas & heavy typography.

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This type-foundry started as a final MA project (June 2014). The first five font sketches were created whilst studying at UMPRUM in Prague. Martin Vácha has focused on font sketching continually since 2008. His experience began during his first year of studies for the project Terrain magazine for which he modified Helvetica Textbook. Like all designers he was excited about the idea to create unique fonts for specific projects, so he has continued with this obsession until now.

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